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ElmForReactDevs is here to help other JavaScript and React developers get up to speed on functional programming using ReScript, JavaScript and Elm.

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Not just Elm!

Here I will share the tools and techniques I've acquired over the years working with Elm at various startups across industries from HealthTech saving lives to music and live streaming, and more.

Coming to Elm some things I've encountered during trainings that might be hard to grasp at first like routing, recursion, pattern matching, and fancy terms like "functor". They're not as common in the JavaScript ecosystem.

"What the heck is a Msg?"

"What's a functor?"

"What is point-free style?"

"How do you make reusable components?"

"What do you mean we don't use components?"

"How do I use this JavaScript library with Elm?"

"How do you do multipage routing?"

"How does ajax and fetch() work in Elm?"

Elm is very idiomatic and pattern heavy.

So once you learn some of these patterns and practices, you can apply them across your career.

I'm here to help you bridge the gap.

You've been using functors this whole time!

I'm not saying "Functional Programming will make you a better programmer", but I'm not not saying it either. ;)

teaching reactTeaching React.js since 2016 at the UCF Coding Bootcamp.

Hi I'm Dwight

I love Functional Programming.

I've been making web applications for nearly a decade, and FP makes the process of building robust and reliable applications easier.

Functional programming is fun!

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I'd love to help you on your functional journey!